what we offer

We've built a solution to unobtrusively monitor user's mood changes all within their own mobile device, integrating simple mood updates with keystroke dynamics to result in clinically useful information for patients and providers.

Applicable Metrics

Our platform makes the most of how you interact with your keyboard to detect and predict mood changes provide clinically useful data to you and your provider.

Nonintrusive Processes

Our software mean you won't be unnecessarily disturbed or bothered, our seamless training process is proven to get you to update your mood more often than other mood tracking methods.

Customized Insights

Patients and providers alike can explore the information gleaned from their mood updates and device interaction. Sharing this with loved ones is a click away.

What we know

Over 40 million American adults struggle..

Or nearly 1 in 4 adults.. Of the 20 million Americans who develop and are diagnosed with depression each year, nearly half with have major or clinical depression -- the 2nd leading cause of a shortened healthy life.

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Treatment is inadequate

Traditional methods are coming up short -- taking advantage of the newest technologies, novel approaches to mood management will improve mental health care, particularly for those such as minorities, rural communities, and those currently priced out of treatment options.

So, we can make a major impact!

"NIH research has produced cognitive-behavioral interventions to be as effective as medications in some patients" making proactive mood monitoring a significant tool in gaining better patient outcomes.

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Building connections between patients and providers
Stabilify grows with you, using your input.

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