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Recognizing the benefits of proactively managing mood disorders, Stabilify helps users overcome significant hurdles in their lives by doing just that -- proactive management.


We connect providers to patients in the most granular way possible, including customization of options and a continuous flow of patient information.


As individuals cultivate a care network of friends, family and care providers, Stabilify provides a platform to connect them all.

Something more...

Giving a platform to providers and patients means we focus on our users as partners. We want feedback and are continually listening to improve.

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In more detail..

Stabilify builds software which continuously monitors emotional states of users, turning commonplace interaction data into actionable information to help mental health care providers improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Through a combination of user-provided insights and modern approaches to algorithm development, including natural language processing and
classification-based machine learning, Stabilify provides real-time mood-tracking in a secure, private, and HIPAA compliant manner. We unobtrusively collect interaction data through a user’s keyboard on their smartphone and analyze it to provide the data that both providers and patients want.

  • Actively manage updates with a simple interface

  • Trust your information with our secure servers

  • Take inventory and find insights

  • Share your data and information with those you trust

Andrew Fielding

Founder and CEO

Victor Frolov

Co-Founder and CTO

Eddie Azinge


Matthew Scullin

Business Operations

Trixie Roque



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Changing the way you engage with your mental health. Improving outcomes and recovery.

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