Our Story

After years starting businesses in various sectors Andrew Fielding realized that there was an opportunity to do more than just build business that solve consumer needs on a purely economic basis. As a serial entrepreneur, he realized that there was an opportunity to accomplish a social good, while also creating an economically viable business. After much research to find an underserved community with a specific need, Stabilify began to take shape focused on those suffering from mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and bipolar. Andrew developed the company drawing on his personal experience with a mood disorder and used the latest developments in technology as a platform for growth to serve the individual needs of millions of Americans dealing with mental illness. The goal was simple: build a platform to improve outcomes of patients and care providers through preemptively predicting outlier mood episodes.

Shortly after the initial establishment of Stabilify and after hours working together figuring out how to implement technologies in the most optimal manner, he asked his friend Vic to join him on the journey as a co-founder. Vic would develop the software while Andrew continued the research and developing the business while they jointly began to seek out a team.

In less than a year, Stabilify has expanded from the initial team of two and now is made up of a diverse group of engineers, algorithm experts, designers, and business people from around the world, assembled in Los Angeles. Every day the team works diligently to solve the numerous challenges encountered in bringing a revolutionary product to market. Many members of the team have their own personal encounters with mental health, but everyone believes in the core mission:
building technological solutions for serious mental health issues.

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